Working with Whiteheath Farm

[fusion_text]We’re fortunate to have so many great producers and suppliers within our vicinity; from the local Greengrocers, Butchers in Denham and Fishmongers in Harrow.

For us, the jewel of the crown (crème de la crème!) is our dairy provider at Whiteheath Farm in Harefield.  The farm has been run by DH Mitchell and sons since 1957 who are committed to providing the highest quality dairy products.

D.H. Mitchell and Sons’ Whiteheath Farm is a family run dairy farm in the village of Harefield.   Donald, and his 4 sons – Colin, Philip, Duncan and John, plus their respective extended families – all contribute to various aspects of farm life, whether it is milking, bottling, delivering the milk or doing the paperwork – all mixed in with the classical hard graft.

They milk over 200 cows that are all pedigree Holstein Friesians.  The cows are kept out in the fields eating lush grass for as long as the weather permits.  Their cows only live inside during the winter months, usually from the end of November to the beginning of March, as this keeps them happier and healthier.

Most dairy farms sell their milk to large companies, but they continue to pasteurise and bottle the milk on the farm themselves and deliver it to their customers within 24 hours from the cows being milked.

In addition to milk and cream, the farm also supply us with organic and free range eggs plus our butter.

Besides the quality produce, the service is reliable and always, with a friendly smile.  For this we have to thank Duncan Mitchell who has taken the time to understand our business and work closely with us.

So I would like to toast Whiteheath Farm (with my REAL bread and Organic and Fairtrade latte of course!) to a superb partnership!


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