The Cinnamon Square Bun

Soft, warm and gooey … our award-winning, irresistible Cinnamon Square Buns.


The Cinnamon Square Bun

The Cinnamon Square bun is a soft, sweet fermented bun, filled with cinnamon and lavishly topped with cream cheese icing. We recommend serving them slightly warmed for the full, mind-blowing Cinnamon Square bun experience.

Winner of a Great Taste Award and the Quality Food & Drink Award.

The Ricky Sticky Bun

Named after our charming home dwelling, the Ricky Sticky bun is a gooey-er and stickier take on the original. A soft, sweet fermented bun filled with cinnamon and topped with caramel and chunky pecan pieces.

Winner of a World Bread Award.