Official Book Launch at Litfest in Chorleywood

We were absolutely delighted to launch our new baking book, Cinnamon Square – A Measured Approach, at Litfest 2016 hosted by Chorleywood Book Shop.

We had fantastic support from enthusiastic customers, along with friends and family so firstly I think a huge thank you is in order.

Wendi Peters (Actress and Master Chef finalist) was our wonderful compere who ensured everything ran smoothly with plenty of audience interaction.

The session started with the background of how Cinnamon Square was founded and of course a talk about the book and why it is different to other baking books.  Paul then demonstrated how to make the perfect cake which was based on a Victoria Sandwich (a cake!).  And yes, there is a huge difference between a sponge and a cake!  Many tips were shared from the book including ‘How do you know when the cake batter is light and fluffy’ and ‘why it is so important to measure in grams to achieve consistent bakes.’

Amongst the attendees were volunteers from the Chorleywood Book Shop which included the wonderful ladies from the WI who told us that their traditional Victoria Sandwich recipe would only contain jam, and that buttercream was a big no-no – point taken!  Paul demonstrated how to precisely cut a Victoria Sandwich in half although many, including Wendi, preferred to make two cakes.

The event ended with a book signing session and all the books were snapped up!  We were truly humbled by the response and the feedback.

If you’re local you can pick up a book from us in our Rickmansworth shop or at the Chorleywood Book Shop.

If you want the book delivered straight to your door, then Amazon is always a click away.

Thank you again for the wonderful response, to Wendi Peters for supporting us and believing in the book and for Sheryl Shurville from the Chorleywood Bookshop for kindly inviting us to be part of Litfest 2016.


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