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2003 BC²


So what came first the Cinnamon Square Bun or the name of the shop?  Well it kind of happened all at the same time!  Let me explain… Paul (Mr Cinnamon Square) had came across a similar product from his travels to American and Canada whilst working as a Technical Manager for a food ingredients company. On his return to the UK, he raved about the product known predominantly as cinnamon rolls and set about making his own version.  Quite frankly I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about until one fateful Sunday morning.  Before this point, he had done a great deal of research but not actually baked any.  He’d got up at the crack of dawn and set about making his vision of perfection.  At first sight, and bleary eyed, I did still wonder what all the fuss was about.  So here I am, now Mrs Guinea Pig, ready to start product testing.  If you are a fan already, there’s probably no need for me to explain further.  This soft, warm and gooey bun tasted absolutely incredible.  The melted cream cheese frosting, which sounded such a weird combination, works in harmony with the cinnamon.  From that first taste, I was addicted. I started eating them for breakfast, lunch and given the chance for dinner too!  This continued for days until fortunately we ran out of the first baked batch!  We baked them again the following weekend for our daughters Holy Communion and the reaction from friends, family and children reinforced our belief in the product.

So now we had this fantastic product (albeit addictive!) but couldn’t decide on the right name for the shop itself.  We had already come up, and dismissed, several names using the word Square – as we liked the idea of it being a point of gathering.  Then it was that eureka moment when we realised that although the buns actually start off round, by the time they prove and bake they then resembled a square and the name came in an instant.

So there was life before Cinnamon Square in 2003 but not half as delicious!

The Cinnamon Square bun won a Great Taste Award in 2007 and has recently been shortlisted at 2015 The Cafe Quality Food and Drinks Awards and the winners will be announced in October.


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